“I hope one day they’ll be able to remember me as a champion of the world and I hope they’ll know I never gave up.”

Kambwali Chani

“When you win a race you’re on top that day, so take it for what its worth, have a good time and party, cause the next day when you get out of bed, the meter goes back to zero again.”

Bobby Allison

That is the beauty of winning, when you taste victory once you will want it over and over again because just after the celebrations are over you will be thinking about living to more victory and that is what helps build to success. The drive to win and achieve our dreams.

Now more than ever the world is able to appreciate truly exceptional talent, look deep within yourself and discover what fire undoubtedly burns in your souls desires then begin to educate yourself on how to make it a reality. This is an unlikely story of an exceptional racer. Kambwali Chani is a 22 year old ambitious racer and here is our interview with him.

When did you start racing and how has it been?

I have been racing karts since the age of 14, won multiple Zambian karting time trial competitions and races over the years, been a participant of the 2019 Volkswagen South Africa Motorsport Academy, poised to participate in the 2020 South African Rotax Max Championship (if it gets to run this year beyond the postponement)

Where are you based?

I am currently based in Lusaka, Zambia

What’s the favorite thing about racing?

My favorite thing about Motorsport is that because it requires so much attention to detail which means that almost everyone involved is a perfectionist and in the moments when you’re able to pull everything together and produce a win, the satisfaction of knowing that you competed against the best perfectionists of society and came out on top is very gratifying. I think that might be what I like most.

Influence is mostly what makes attitude and later a personality, do you think you influence people and in what way do you think you can influence more young Zambians?

When I decided to indulge racing as a profession I started to carry myself and make decisions in a conventional and professional way as I hoped I would inspire people to follow their dreams this way but a few years later I decided to change my mindset towards this. Now I carry myself in the same way I would if I had no success at all and instead I just try to be a better person both at what I do and how I interact with people so if I happen to have a positive influence on people then that just comes as an added benefit to me and I’m currently running my own racing academy to help young kids interested in creating a future and a career for themselves in Motorsport if they started and we’ve been making good progress. This is one thing I do personally to help contribute to creating positive opportunities for the youth in Zambia and I hope I can do more.

What is that thing you can not go a day without?

Given the current covid-19 pandemic, I can’t go a day without washing my hands, i am currently washing my hands.

Which place would be your favorite in Zambia?

My favorite place to be at any given time is a racetrack, but since we don’t currently have any here, my favorite place in Zambia is the airport, because it’s the first stop on the journey to a racetrack.

Which 3 Zambian people if any who have influenced you so much?

The first person is Mohamed Essa, growing up I to watched him become a Zambian and African Rally champion, that had a profound effect on me. I really like his aggressive full attack driving style. The next two people would’ve to be my mother and father for teaching me how to think with an open mind and showing me how to be relentless and how to never give up.

What one thing would you love to change about Zambia?

Our mindset on how to approach adversity and hardships, I feel that as a country we need to be far much more objective on how we make decisions, especially the important ones.

Flashback to when you were 10 years old. What advice would you have given yourself and How do you want people to remember you?

The advice would be Never stop believing in yourself and if people have to remember me I hope one day they’ll be able to remember me as a champion of the world, and I hope they’ll know I never gave up.

What are some causes you are passionate about?

I have a very soft spot for under privileged children it’s a very difficult position to be born into hardship and be afforded very little control of what to do in life, over the course of my life I hope to be able to help such children move into an environment that allows them to gain new perspectives on life and one that empowers them to make positive changes for themselves and the people immediately around them.

What other things do you do?

In the last 6 years my primary objective has been to get to South Africa and race against the best racing drivers on the continent, being among the best requires a great amount of effort and commitment, we are looking more composed to be able to do that now so for the next few years my team and I have decided I’ll split my responsibilities between racing academic commitments.

What publications have you regularly read, favorite books ?

My 3 favorite books of all time are definitely The Anatomy of Peace, The 10x Rule and Born Liars

What would be your personal motto?

Our fate is shaped from within ourselves, never from without inward” — Jacques Lusseyran

What Advise can you give fellow youths?

Once you’re decided commit yourself and continue to work and educate yourself and eventually in no time you may find yourself exactly where you want to be. Never stop believing in yourself.

By Dalitso Kasonde

Edited Kantumoya Derrick Mpaka

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We get to know more about amazing, Young Zambians and other interesting stories.

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AKZAM - A Known Zambian

AKZAM - A Known Zambian

We get to know more about amazing, Young Zambians and other interesting stories.

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