“Productivity lives here” Masiliso Mutumba

In the ever-changing, demanding and fast-paced business of fashion and style one of the most common elements of this industry is the presentation of a certain image, aesthetic or lifestyle that people want to have. This is primarily achieved through the use of beautiful models both men and women who are lucky enough to be spotted and often tapped by the most important fashion brands or magazines to showcase an array of high-quality clothing, accessories, cosmetics and other lucrative products. There’s no denying that models are considered such a vital presence in the fashion industry due to their ability to sell valuable goods as well as embodying aspirational lifestyles to people who dream of living luxurious or glamorous lives.

Here is a story of 21-year-old Masiliso Mutumba a model and Youtuber based in Tyumen, Russia who so far has featured in Magazines, TV shows and had opportunities to work with big brands in Russia like C.O.X Russia and Soda.

What makes you enjoy what you do?

I get to see myself as a different character every once in a while … depending on the mood of the photo-shoot, some are smiley, some are serious, some are funny and I just really enjoy adjusting into those characters as a professional fashion model. I’ve learnt to love the camera. When I was starting I was so shy, even for my YouTube channel, I love that my audience is growing and I can communicate to a large group of people through one video.

Do you think you influence people?

I think I do and that is the goal, I want to be a positive influence to girls all over the world. Right now I influence a few people but I see the numbers growing every day.

What one thing do you think needs to change in Zambian youths to bring positivity also which 3 Zambians have and still influence you the most?

I would advise Zambian youths to use their youth to develop their talents and use them to help them build something for themselves. It could be music, sport, trading, dancing, art, poetry .. it’s much easier to work on these things as a student. When we start working it becomes harder to take risks because we will have much more responsibilities. It’s good to have multiple sources of income so we should be business minded, the best way to make money is to identify a problem and solve it. Your solution, depending on how good it is, it will sell very well and as to Zambian people who inspire me, I would say Nyemba Tembo, Christina Sakala and Lulu Haangala.

Favorite place in Zambia?

My favorite place in Zambia would be Siavonga, I have great memories there and any time I think of it I relate it to relaxation.

What is a typical day for Masiliso and what is that one thing you can’t go without?

I think I can not a day without being on my phone and I think it is the same for most people but for a typical day I usually have breakfast and school in the morning after school I go for work. I’m an English tutor as well, after work I come home to work on my social media and plan for my next content. Research on a few video ideas whilst I’m preparing my dinner. Later I sit down to do my school work till 00:00 then I read my Bible, pray and sleep

If you met 10-year-old Masiliso now what advice would you give her?

I would advise myself to start working, start a business, a YouTube channel At least do something because by now I would have been much further off in my journey.

How would you want to be remembered by people?

I want people to be inspired by my story. I want my story to push them to work hard, I started modelling under tough conditions. I couldn’t speak Russian language well and It was hard for me to negotiate with people employing me or understand what they wanted from me on set. I faced racism a few times and other times I was exploited where people would lie to me, bring in big names like “vogue” in order to have my modelling services for free. It’s been tough, sometimes people don’t have the right make up products for my skin tone but they still insist on improvising and they’ve left me looking like a clown. Through Perseverance and growth I have been able to see better days in my career. I’ve branded a name for myself in my city as a well renowned African model and I will continue to strive to build and grow my personal brand internationally.

What causes are you passionate about the most?

Mental health, I’ve had my fair share of depression and disappointments in life and I’ve seen people close to me go through problems with their mental health. I think it’s something people take very lightly when in fact it could cause somebody to lose their life through health complications and/or suicide. I want to be a mental health advocate and it’s something I recently started working towards. I hope I can reach out to as many people and save many lives because I understand what it’s like to be depressed.

From being a model, YouTuber and student what other thing/s do you do?

So like I mentioned earlier from my typical day. I’m an English tutor here in Russia, I teach at a kindergarten and I have about 10 personal students that I meet at different times every week. I’m also an entrepreneur, I order different goods online, ship to Zambia and sell through Facebook with the help of my mum.

Any favorite books?

Think and grow rich and Rich dad poor dad

Finally, what is your personal life motto and what advice you would give youths?

My already existing one is

“Productivity lives here” I usually sing it to myself to push me to work when I’m feeling unproductive. A few of my friends have picked it up to help them too.

My advice is that there’s room for us all at the top, the sky is the limit. Let’s collaborate and support each other. We grow faster when we help each other. Most importantly count on God in everything you do, he will guide your path to success.

By Jeff Waziski Bwalya

Edited by Kantumoya Derrick Mpaka

Masiliso’s Youtube — https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1akEqHieiChTeUB7IJBFJQ

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ms.mutumba/

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We get to know more about amazing, Young Zambians and other interesting stories.

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AKZAM - A Known Zambian

We get to know more about amazing, Young Zambians and other interesting stories.

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