Putting a stop to learning is pressing a start to failure — Mulenga Morgan

Mulenga Morgan

In an ever changing world, we literally have the whole world in our hands because of the growing technology. We can see, move and hear things that are happening all across the world, Thailand, Jamaica, Zambia, you mention it in just a matter of seconds through the internet. With millions of people accessing the internet daily branding and software development have become among the biggest industries in the world.

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well. — Jeff Bezos

The Future of advertising is the internet — Bill Gates

Some would argue that the internet is a distraction and how it has been making people forget the real world but we can all agree that the internet is our future. For months now during this tough time of the COVID-19 pandemic our productivity as humans has mostly being through the internet. 21 year old Zambian Mulenga Morgan is a young ambitious entrepreneur with a passion to grow businesses online.

Where are you from and what work have you done so far?
I am from Chelstone, Lusaka and I have been running a branding and software development company, “Radicity brands” which was founded in 2018 with six team members, two of which are degree holders in their area of expertise. Before this I was managing a music movement that birthed my practical and theoretical interest in the Zambian music industry. This was followed by the opportunity I was graced with to work with renowned artists like Magnus Mando, popularly known as Mag44 and the Lota house team in managing their music business. With these experiences, I am now a mentor and artist manager.

What do you like the most about what you do?
I work proudly knowing I can create employment opportunities for my fellow youths. Looking at the economically frustrated youth today taking such an action will directly impact the economic situation of my country as it is evident that the population is greatly covered by youths.

Do you think you influence people?
Yes, a couple of testimonies made me realize this. I have friends and family members who have confessed that they aspire to be like me sometime in future. Many are the times that I have been given a chance to speak to my fellow peers and the results from these talks have been the reason I work harder in realization that I influence some and a game changer for people that look up to me.

What more can you do to influence the Zambian youths positively?
To make more money and employment opportunities, besides boosting entrepreneurship skills. Today it is clear that everyone is standing their grounds in making the money they long to have. I hope to have a greater influence by setting an example and giving direction to whoever that wishes to take my path especially in business strategy through subsequent entrepreneurship skills.
At this foundational moment I mentor young people who wish to excel in business endeavors and also a manager of two artists in Zambia.

What’s the one thing you cannot go a day without doing?

Learning and improving my skills has become a daily routine since the day I discovered my purpose. A day without these two is deemed unsuccessful regardless of how many highs I may face in that particular day. I believe learning never has should never end and putting a stop to learning is pressing a start to failure.

A typical day for me is One in which I code, research, design, study the music industry and unveil new business strategies. This is more that satisfaction to me.

What is your Favorite place and what is the biggest thing you’d change about Zambia?
I hardly have any places to call my favorite as I am a rare traveler but this is an endeavor I would take in the near future.

I would like to change Zambia’s technological systems i.e. enrollment system in education and NRC collection process, just to mention a few. Technology has made work very easy and I believe it can be extended to the most frustrating processes of queuing up for long hours that people go through when trying to achieve and/or run certain errands.

Which 3 Zambian people if any who have influenced you so much?
Steven Mwale and Zoe Kuyanda are the two people I call my influencers and they never seize to amaze me. They are a part of my story, a story that I will live to tell.

Flashback to when you were 10 years old. What advice would you have given yourself?

Do not wait until you are fully grown up to work hard and achieve what you want.

How do you want people to remember you?
The young Zambian entrepreneur who focused on the betterment of life through technology. The man who changed the face of Zambia and Africa at large.

What are some causes you are passionate about, also aside from your passion what other things do you do?

I am mostly passionate about Music and Technology aside from my passion and main work i build my social chains by spending quality time with family and friends besides that I am a student at music loop academy studying music business.

What publications have you regularly read?

I haven’t read any recently but my favorite book is RETIRE YOUNG RETIRE RICH by Robert T. kiyosaki

What would be your personal motto?

Don’t just work hard, work smart.

Advise to your fellow youths?

Of utmost importance, grab every opportunity that comes your way with gratitude and diligence. Not everything we want will be visibly seen like a fruit to be plucked from a tree but certain achievements are to be mined like gold. Perseverance, humility and consistence are key to leading a successful life. Be smart and take action!

By Kantumoya Derrick Mpaka

Edited Kasonde Dalitso

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AKZAM - A Known Zambian

AKZAM - A Known Zambian

We get to know more about amazing, Young Zambians and other interesting stories.

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