“Strong will to do something will surely pay off”-Chalanga Mwale

Young people are, the old adage goes, the future. From climate change activist Greta Thunberg’s school strikes over global warming to 19-year-old Amika George’s campaign to end period poverty, to Chalanga Mwale, a young powerful lady who in our own very streets of Lusaka is feeding ,providing education and well care to needy children .

The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.

Albert Schweitzer

Chalanga Mwale Is a 19 year old from Chingola, Zambia who went to school at Sacred Heart convent and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in clinical medicine.

Share with us some of the work you have done and what made you start?

The reason I began charity work is because people matter. I wanted to create a world we’re every child is well nourished, safe, educated and cared for. I first visited an orphanage last year March I loved the experience and decided to tell a few friends about it and we went back the second time. I decided to set up a group called New Hope a group of youths working with communities to ensure every child is well nourished educated and cared for. We continued identifying children that need help and helped however we could.

Where are you based?

I am based in Lusaka Zambia Barlastone Park.

Why is it so important to do what you do?

It is important to do what I am doing because it gives children a better chance at life.

With so many great organizations and people to support why should others choose to support you?

The reason they should choose our home is because we care for the future our home -Kusamala children’s home. ‘Kusamala’ means care hence we care for the future.

I know abandoned and neglected children will have a negative impact on society that is why it is important for all of us to come together to help different children to save the next generation.

What other things do you do and how do you balance your life to keep being productive?

I am a second-year student balancing life between charity and school. It is a bit tricky but indeed with God all things are possible. I always try to work out the best way to be productive and make sure all my work is done. My friends and my team do help me. I have a personal life too. I sell a few items once in a while to my friends on campus.

As a female, do you think things are getting better as to Gender equality or you still have problems, what causes other causes are you passionate about?

Things are getting so much better regarding gender equality. So many people have seen and now know what we women are capable of and the impact we make in communities. I am passionate about women empowerment and I believe when you empower a woman you empower a whole community .

How has been your experience working with the kids?

Working with kids has been great! They learn quickly and are capable of changing the world forever. They are the future.

At a young age doing such a great job what keeps you really motivated and strong?

The fact that I am able to help people, especially children, change their lives with the little I have and be able to connect them with people that change their lives forever keeps me strong

What’s a typical day for you?

A typical day for me is lying in bed, thinking about the next child that really needs help, going to class and doing my work as I try to build my career.

What’s the favorite thing about what you do?

My favorite thing about what I do is I am able to bring hope to children through the love of Christ

Do you think you influence people?

It depends on the context of the question. I might influence some people and annoy others. I know this is a gift from God and most people have it but are busy to balance between life and service.

What’s the one thing you cannot go a day without doing?

One thing I can’t go a day without doing is browsing. I enjoy being online.

What is your Favorite place in Zambia?

My favorite place in Zambia is Livingstone I have never been there but from all I have seen i think it’s really beautiful.

Biggest thing you’d change about Zambia?

The biggest thing I would change about Zambia is coming come up with an initiative to help children living in poverty because we have so many children unable to access school. How do we foster talents when children do not have access to education?

What would you title your autobiography?

I would title my autobiography as

Chalanga Mwale

Who is your role model and why?

My role model is Jesus Christ the son of God. He gave himself and helped so many people freely. We have received freely so we should give freely too.

What’s the single best piece of advice you ever received?

Gods time is the best.

Which of your accomplishments are you most proud of and what advice would you give the young girls especially?

I am most proud of the children’s home, thanks to the help I received from everyone. I have been able to provide not only clothes, food, but a safe place to call home for these children.

My advice is ‘the strong will to do something will surely pay off’. There are so many good people around the world that will help you help others.

By Fonguh Cedric

Edited by Kantumoya Derrick Mpaka

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We get to know more about amazing, Young Zambians and other interesting stories.

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AKZAM - A Known Zambian

AKZAM - A Known Zambian

We get to know more about amazing, Young Zambians and other interesting stories.

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